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      • 設備特點

      • 配置選擇

      • 基本參數
        • 產品特點:整機采用韓國品牌不銹鋼板制作,內槽加厚不銹鋼板,耐用耐酸堿,外形美觀;
        • 采用進口超聲波晶片換能器,使用新加坡粘接材料粘接,具有輸出功率穩定強勁,壽命長的特點,
        • 發生器具有功率無極可調,頻率微調功能,同時具有短路,斷路,過載等保護裝置,備有可選功率降低報警裝置,以避免批量清洗不良,內置頻率掃描功能確保了整個清洗效果的一致性。
        • 頻率顯示功能,用戶可直觀了解當前超聲波工作的頻率,并可根據自身需求進行手動微調。
        • 時間設置功能,機器內置定時器控制超聲波發生器開關,時間控制范圍:
        • 設置溶劑加熱與高溫度自動恒溫裝置溫度控制范圍:常溫-100℃,溫度設置方便,控制穩定。
        • The whole machine is produced by stainless steel plate of Korean band. The inner groove uses thickening stainless steel plate, it is durable, acid and alkali resistant, in good shape.
        • It uses imported ultrasonic wafer transducer, stick by Singapore sticking materials. The output power is stable and strong. It is long-life.
        • Generator has the function as power electrodeless adjustment, fine tuning. It also has short-circuited and over-loading protection devices, reserves selectable power-reduce alarm device. So it can avoid poor lot cleaning. The inner frequency scanning function will make sure the consistency of the whole cleaning effect.
        • Frequency display function. The customer may use frequency showing function to directly know the present frequency of ultrasonic and adjust it finely according to self-requirements.
        • Time set function. The inner timer will control the switch of ultrasonic generator, time control scope:
        • Temperature control scope for setting solvent heating and high-temperature automatic constant temperature equipment: normal temperature – 100℃, the temperature control is convenient and stable.
        • 內槽材質具有SUS304不銹鋼、SUS316L不銹鋼和TA1純鈦等材料可選;
        • 外形材質具有不銹鋼板和防腐蝕表面噴涂板兩種材質可選;超聲波頻率具有常用·28KHz、40KHZ以外的20KHZ、33KHZ、68KHZ、100KHZ、120KHZ、200KHZ等20-200KHZ間的任一頻率可選。
        • 溫控方式具有機械旋鈕式與數顯式溫度控制方式;
        • 整機結構具有分體式和整體式可選,適于各種不同行業用戶使用;
        • The material of inner groove can be chosen from SUS304 stainless steel, SUS316L stainless steel, TA1 pure titanium, and so on;
        • The surface material can be made by stainless steel plate or anti-corrosion surface-spraying plate;
        • Ultrasonic frequency can choose any one from20KHZ to 200KHZ, as 20KHZ, 33 KHZ, 68 KHZ, 100 KHZ, 120 KHZ, 200KHZ,etc, except for 28 KHZ and 40 KHZ;
        • Temperature control can choose mechanical knob or digital display;
        • The whole structure can choose separate bodies or whole body to meet customers in different industries;
        • 220V and 110 V can be chosen to supply electronic, so it is suitable for different users in different areas.
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