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      As a new type precision cleaning equipment, “Szfeat” brand automatic vortexes ultrasonic sparge cleaning machine combines multiple functions of spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and various drying methods, equipped with special spiral device to push materials forward. It is used for cleaning of seriously oil stained products such as automobile fasteners, oil tubing gas pipe joints, sparking plug body, bearings, caps, battery casings, nuts, etc., and has been registered as a patent of our company with the patent number ZL2017113731649.
      • 設備特點

      • 基本參數
        • 超聲波、噴淋、吹水、干燥模塊化自由組合,可適應不同工況清洗要求。
        • 螺旋式推進+滑道設計,使各模塊間無縫接,全程自動化,無需人工操作。
        • 螺旋輸送桶體在清洗槽內勻速滾動,形成水流旋渦,配合超聲波對產品進行清洗,清洗效果更加顯著。
        • 輸送過程中被清洗物料自由翻轉,完全替代傳統滾筒式清洗方式。
        • 產品不需工裝配合,直接螺旋式推進,清洗速度快、效率高。
        • 可配套提升上料機,皮帶或者鏈板輸送帶與前后工序連接,實現前后工序自動傳輸。
        • Free combination of ultrasonic, spray, water blowing, and drying modules, adapting to cleaning requirements under different working conditions.
        • Spiral propulsion + slide way as designed, so that the modules are seamlessly connected, and the whole process is automated, no manual operation is required.
        • The spiral conveying barrel rolls at a constant speed in the cleaning tank to form a vortex of water flow, which will clean the products together with ultrasonic waves, achieving more remarkable cleaning effect.
        • The materials to be cleaned are freely turned over during the conveying process, completely prevailing over the traditional drum cleaning method.
        • The product does not need to go with fixtures or toolings in cooperation, and it has direct spiral propulsion, fast cleaning speed and high efficiency.
        • It can be used in conjunction with the lifting feeder, belt or chain conveyor belt to connect the front and rear processes, to achieve automatic transmission between front and rear processes.
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