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      As an environment-friendly product, FEAT brand condensing water mist (water vapor )separating and recycling equipment is intended to condense and recycle the water mist produced by ultrasonic cleaning equipment and spray cleaning equipment of various water base type, which mainly consists of refrigeration compressor, air-cooled condenser, special evaporator, centrifugal suction fan, exhaust blower, safety protection system, and electrical control system featuring the merits of energy saving, environmental protection and safety.   Its working principle is as follows: connect the water vapor exhaling outlet of cleaning equipment to the inhale inlet of condensing water mist (water vapor )separating and recycling equipment. The high-speed centrifugal suction fan separates the water vapor and then sends them to condensation chamber fitted with evaporator for condensing into dew. Driven by their own weight and centrifugal force, the dew flows downward along the interior wall of the condensation chamber into water-gathering tray where about 85% water has been separated from vapor. The remaining vapor containing water in small quantity will be drawn via air suction fan into air cooled condenser which has temperature (normally around 35 degrees centigrade)taken from compressor during the process of heat dissipation for the latter. The fin-shaped condenser will filter and dry the water vapor once again in the process of fast air suction before discharging. The water drops filtered by condenser will be collected into water-gathering tray and then sent into gathering barrel through small holes of tray or returned to cleaning equipment for reuse.
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